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 terms for cooperation
1 a natural person who has the capacity to bear civil liability independently or an enterprise legal person with a civil liability.
2 have confidence in the brand operation, the courage to open up, we recognize the concept of experience and operation mode. Willing to work with the company to jointly develop the domestic and foreign markets.
3 adhere to the company's policies, comply with the provisions of the contract, a good business reputation and pragmatic and serious business attitude, good faith management.
4 have a strong sense of business, the common development of confidence, and positive enterprising spirit, have a certain financial strength.
5 unified decoration according to the brand image, unified management by the business idea.
6 be able to maintain the image and reputation of the Yi and the company.
Cooperation process
1, initial contact (by telephone, QQ, network information, remote understanding of brand information, company background, recognition project.)
2, apply for cooperation (the customer and the company of the Ministry of investment advisory.)
3, make an appointment to visit (with the China Merchants Department Manager to make an appointment, the customer to the company to visit the model shop, to discuss cooperation details, to pay good faith, to determine the intention of cooperation.
4, signed a cooperation agreement (based on the initial planning and investment budget, determine the investment plan, signed a formal cooperation agreement)
5, the program determines (the customer submits the field map, the company designs the plan, and with the customer agreement.)
6, construction and production (according to the construction plan for site construction, according to the design plan for equipment production)
7, equipment installation and entry (after the completion of construction equipment, materials, teaching aids, movable objects into play.)
8, layout and perfect (before the opening of the soft decoration and other items, equipment installation is completed, can move large pieces all in place.)
9, staff to post and business (store staff, operations management, business process and other aspects of training, business procedures, business preparation for the official opening of the business.

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